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Welcome  to Oceanside All About Health! I am a registered nurse with vast experience in all areas including remote nursing and occupational health; I provide comprehensive nursing, health and wellness services incorporating medical and holistic approaches and provide Natural/Holistic Hemp and Copaiba Products for you, your loved ones and your pets!

Holistic Health Products


There are many Holistic Health Products that I offer for you, your loved ones and your pets, as well there will be featured teachings, testimonials, events and much more! Why our Bath Bombs are different: Scented or Unscented they provide a wondrous experience! We use essential oils for scents, coconut oil for moisture and clays for color. The bath bombs are infused with Copaiba Oil and Sea Salt.  We use botanicals on the top of our bath bombs-if you prefer things that don't float in your tub with you..they are easily removed by brushing them off with your fingers. You will not find micas, glitter, or emulsifiers,like poly 80 or tween 20 in our bath bombs. Bottom line-we want to create something we would want to use and share with others and we would not sit in a tub of artificial colors or glitter. The essential oils where picked for their relaxing, anti-inflammatory qualities. Cedar Wood essential oil is known to increase feelings of relaxation and well-being, while rose geranium and lavender are both anti-inflammatory and analgesic, with mood lifting qualities. Citrus scents will lift your mood and provide an awakening of spirit. Patchouli and Rose wood are lovely for the skin, and are warming and grounding.  Copaiba's powerfull anti inflammatory,anti oxidant properties have 80% sesquiterpenes that that also enhance the therapeutic effectiveness of natural botanicals we have chosen. The Copaiba aroma is rich, pleasant, sweet and earthy. The Copaiba trees are from South American Rain Forests, tapped for their resin, the trees and forests are not affected.                                                            I also will feature other business's, farms and practitioners who promote natural health and wellness holistic hemp products for people and pets

Services I Provide


I provide nursing care, assessments and planning for personal clients, and businesses. I also refer to other health care and holistic practitioners. Please contact me for personalized, professional care!